PLEO evolves and has been reborn as PLEO rb!

Uniquness Live Stages Senses Taste & Food Games & Learning Look Inside What’s in the Box


PLEO rb has over thousand unique looks because they are 100% hand-made. There are various shades of a skin and various colors of eyes, eyelids and eye shadows. Also, they possess unique “Born In” characteristics and in-live changeable ”After Born” attributes.

Everyone is just unique!

“Born In” Characteristics

  • Gender
  • Courage
  • Temper
  • Activeness
  • Obedience

“After Born” Attributes

  • Feed
  • Mood
  • Emotion
  • Health
  • Physicality

Live Stages

  • Live Stages

    1. Newborn

    A newborn PLEO rb baby opens it’s eyes for the first time, awareness glimmers as it adjusts to the light. It also tries to stretch it’s limbs. As it is not capable to seek food yet, please remember to feed them on time, Masters!
  • Live Stages

    2. Toddler

    This is a time when PLEO rb learns to stand firmly on its feet. It will explore it’s surroundings environment as it defeats it’s fear as a baby. It will also respond gently to your voice and touch.
  • Live Stages

    3. Teenager

    This is a time when it start s to learn walking. It now also has has the ability to learn it’s name, so please remember to equip your PLEO rb with learning stones, Masters! You will find it very amazing that PLEO rb has strong learning abilities!
  • Live Stages

    4. Adult

    PLEO rb is all grown up and mature at this time and it needs your live and care more than ever. It’s personality is nurtured through the way Master brings it up. PLEO rb is now like any other pet, needs to be fed, loved and cared for.



PLEO rb can recognize red, yellow and green colors. It can read special holidays cards and respond to them. In additional, PLEO rb can see danger of height and walk away from it.


PLEO rb ID card enables the owner to teach PLEO rb to learn and remember his name. Also, several specific “Learning Stones” enable to teach some verbal commands.

Skin Sensation and Temperature

PLEO rb has sophisticated skin sensation to differentiate between petting and hitting.As well, PLEO rb is sensitive to temperature resulting in different responses such as sneezing when cold and panting when hot.

Sensation of Motion Patterns

PLEO rb knows if you swing it around. It also exhibits response to shaking, petting or impact. Motions and position interacts have positive or negative effects on PLEO rb’s overall demeanor.


Sensation of Time

PLEO rb has it’s own biological clock and thus it is sensitive to time.
It is able to recognize day or night after you tell it once when it’s noon your time. PLEO rb knows when it is time to sleep and eat and isn’t shy about telling either.

Taste & Food

It’s always fun and enjoyable moment to feed your living pets!
PLEO rb has a ability to sense and identify the FEEDS and would response differently according to its wants and needs. Therefore, it may reject to eat at times. Don’t be surprised!

These feeds are:

Conifer Leaf - A healthy essential food which will supply PLEO rb’s daily needs. PLEO rb will only eat the Conifer Leaf when it is hungry and at feeding time. It only needs to be fed once a day, in the evening.

Rock Salt - A medicine which tastes bad but will heal PLEO rb when it is injured. CAUTION: PLEO rb doesn’t like medicine and will only be willing to eat Rock Salt if it is injured.

Mint Leaf - An herb that tastes bad but will cure PLEO rb when it is ill. CAUTION: PLEO rb doesn’t like to eat herbs and will only be willing to eat the Mint Leaf if it is ill.

Coffee Leaf & Bean – An emotional soothing food for PLEO rb helping it to calm down if emotionally upset.

Chili - A high energy food for PLEO rb. It can enhance PLEO rb’s physical condition and provide energy to keep it warm in a cold environment. Please feed PLEO rb the Chili Pepper once an hour if it’s in a cold environment. NOTE – PLEO rb may refuse to eat the Chili Pepper if it’s in a hot environment.

Mushroom – A healthy nutrient food for PLEO rb that enhances PLEO rb’s healthy condition and resistance to sickness.

Sugar Cane – PLEO rb’s favorite snack which it likes to eat anytime. It makes PLEO rb happy but please note – too much Sugar Cane will cause PLEO rb to get sick.

Chunk of ice – Ice helps PLEO rb to cool down and it likes Ice most in a hot environment. Please feed PLEO rb Ice once an hour to prevent it from getting overheated and dizzy in hot environments.
NOTE – PLEO rb may refuse to eat ice if it’s in a cold environment.

Cycad Leaf – A healthy essential food which supplies PLEO rb its daily needs. The taste is different from the Conifer Leaf and can also be used as daily food for PLEO rb.

Games & Learning

PLEO rb likes to play games and to learn something new.
Its new favorite game is Tug of War and for studying you can use Learning Stones.

Name your PLEO rb

PLEO rb understands your voice commands. You can now give your PLEO rb a name and the best part it will only respond to you. So go ahead and be creative, PLEO rb is a member of the family if it is given a name.


Have you fully discovered the many ways PLEO rb reacts, responds and interacts? Once it gets ready and you leave it alone for a while, it will start to explore and see around!

Staying out of trouble

Place PLEO rb about eight inches (20 cm) away from the edge of a wooden table (not glass topped one) and try to get it to walk forward at a right angle to the edage. If it is paying attention, PLEO rb will know it is close the edge of the table. See what does Pleo rb do and how does it respond?

Tug of War

PLEO rb loves its new toys. Up for a little game of tug of war. Place the rock end under its chin, if it is in the mood for a little fun its mouth will open. Place it in its mouth and the battle will being, watch its head swing if it wins by holding for more than 10 seconds or loses by holding for less than 10 seconds.

Learning Stones & Training

Teaching PLEO rb voice commands is easy with the PLEO rb learning stones. Once you have trained PLEO rb using the learning stones it will only obey your verbal commands in your voice. Make sure your PLEO rb is well fed and feeling well-loved otherwise it will be unwilling to learn if it is not in good physical and mental conditions.

Training leaf – When PLEO rb sees the training leaf, it will walk forward a few steps, stop, and turn it’s head side to side to look for the leaf again. If it sees the leaf again, it will walk a few steps forward with it’s head pointed to the direction of the leaf.

Bow – PLEO rb will “bow” after hearing this verbal command from you.

Eat – PLEO rb will “eat” an early dinner or something it dislikes (i.e. herbs) after hearing this verbal command from you if it’s hungry or not.

Dance – PLEO rb will “dance” after hearing this verbal command from you.

Play – PLEO rb will “play tricks” after hearing this verbal command from you by applying the “tricks” instructions found on the back of this page.

Sing – PLEO rb will “hum or sing” a song after hearing this verbal command from you.

Count – PLEO rb will “count” after hearing this verbal command from you by standing still and looking up at you. Then after clapping your hands loudly and continuously in front of PLEO rb (within 6 to 8 inches or 15 to 20cm) it will respond with the same number of head nods or tail wags up to five!

Come to me – PLEO rb will walk forward after hearing this verbal command from you.

Look Inside

What’s in the Box

  • PLEO rb (pink – girl, blue – boy, green – girl or boy)
  • QuickStart Guide
  • Companion Guide
  • Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery, Charger and AC Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Clock Battery (CR2032)
  • Warranty
  • Registration Card
  • PLEO rb’s ID card
  • “BOW” verbal command Learning Stone
  • Conifer leaf
  • Mint leaf
  • Training leaf (yellow/green/red)
  • Rock salt
  • Tug of war
  • Cape